Paying the price for the prize -1

Who has ever heard of goods beings delivered without first paying the price? UPS, Amazon and Fedex can never make a delivery to you home if the price for the intended good were not paid in advance. Secondly, you only qualify for the delivery of the goods that you paid for. The commodities that are delivered to you in their varying qualities and quantities can only be in accordance to the price that you were willing to pay. No company will deliver above your payment capacity.The price that you pay determines the quality of goods that are delivered to you. Similarly, in ministry, the same thing is true. Many would love to have certain levels of anoinitings in their lives but without the hassle of payment. We do not want the hassle, we just want to haggle for prizes and divine promotions. Everything that you see in a store or in an e-store are available to anyone irrespective of color, race, educational background and status in life. The store is no respecter of persons, all they want is the payment in exchange for the goods. Divine positionings, divine power and divine promotions are available to all but obtainable only by the price each person is willing to pay. Now I am not referring to your status in Christ. There is nothing you can do to add or alter to that because of what Jesus paid for on Calvary's Cross. I am talking about your ministry today. I am referring to your labor for the Lord. I am talking about the level of anointing and power that you carry as a chosen vessel of God - a minister of the Gospel. Nothing just drops into your lap. 

Philippians 3:14, 15; "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded: and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you."

Paul said that he is pressing for the prize. Is that your desire? We know that the proof of desire is pursuit and the mark of pursuit is progress. What are you pursuing? You only qualify to possess what you genuinely pursue. This is the price we are talking about. What is it that you want? 
  • Do you want spiritual power?
  • Do you want healing virtues to flow out of you?
  • Do you want a powerful preaching ministry?
  • Do you want to prophesy and have a prophetic ministry?
  • Do you want to be a great pastor?

To express a desire without giving time and thought to the corresponding demand is to deceive ourselves. There can be no greater deception than self deception. You are deluded if you think that you can have a desire to manifest without meeting the corresponding demands. If you have a desire, then you must comply with the demands in order to access this particular desire. How far do you want to go in God? There is a price to pray for precious anointing to help people. I realize today that there are people going about telling you by grace you have everything. Of course this is true in reference to our personal walk with God. There is nothing I can add to my walk to make me more holy, more saved, more sanctified. I don't have to earn salvation, love, Holy Spirit and redemption. Jesus paid it all and Jesus did it all.  That is for sure! I am talking about power for service as you minister to people.

  • Are you not tired of seeing people come to your church with sicknesses and leave with their sicknesses?
  • Are you not embarassed about preaching healing and nobody gets healed?
  • Are you not bothered that you believe in the power of God and have not seen any of it in your life?
To hit new heights and have more impactful ministry, you need to comply with the demands, pay the appropriate price and the delivery of the spiritual commodity will surely arrive.