Our Pastors

Dr Glenn & Pastor Rosanna Arekion  -   Founders & Overseers

Glenn and Rosanna moved from London, England to pioneer Faithlift Church in USA. Dr Glenn travels extensively and is also on worldwide television. Author of 28 books, he travels the globe in crusades and conventions. Dr Glenn oversees this work with Rosanna who is soft and tender hearted with a view to see people grow in their ministry and anointing. You can also follow Dr Glenn on his website www.glennarekion.org. 

'Our heart is for you to experience Jesus Christ in a new and fresh way. We will not compromize the Word and we want you to know the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. That is our commitment to you.'


Pastor Kent & Pru Radcliffe -  Pastors

Kent Radcliffe is an excellent teacher who loves the depth of God's Word. Kent assists Faithlift in pastoral duties and teaches regularly in the services. He is easy going, down to earth and very knowledgeable in the Scriptures. Kent and Pru are very friendly and will be very glad to help you to become comfortable in the church. Pru is also the voice of Glenn Arekion Ministries TV Outreach. She does all the voice promo and commercials and her voice literally goes around the world every week.


Pastor Steve & Ida Ebbs - Pastor and Music Pastor 

Steve and Ida Ebbs serve as pastor and praise & worship leader in the church. They are very committed and loving people who will make you feel at home in Faithlift Church. Steve assists Faithlift in pastoral duties and teaches regularly in the services. He is also an excellent teacher of the Scriptures and also leads the Evangelism department as well as our Family fun night. Ida is a worship leader, bringing her unique style and talent to the team each week. You will enjoy the company and fellowship of the Ebbs who are faithful people. 


Pastor Paul Harvey - Worship Pastor

Paul Harvey has been involved in Faithlift Church in the United Kingdom since the mid 90's, initially as a worship team member, then as worship leader. For the past fifteen years, Paul has been actively involved in our churches in Kentucky (Brooks and West Point), bringing a British-flavor to the worship! He has travelled regularly from the UK to lead and support the worship at Faithlift Church and in 2015 was anointed by the leadership with a specific calling to the Worship. Since 2016, Paul has been a full-time member of the team, supporting and building the worship team, taking all of us to a new level of intimacy in worship.