Are you looking for a church?

One of the things people look for when they consider a church is the approach to the Word of God. What role does it play in our lives? Other denominations and groups in Christendom look at Christianity through their lenses or beliefs. In Faithlift, we are a Spirit filled body also known as Pentecostal since we believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of ‘Speaking in tongues’ and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for us today in the church age. What do the “lenses” of a Spirit filled or Pentecostal Church look like?

Here are six ways that being Spirit filled believers affects the way we interpret the Word of God:

  1. For Faithlift Church, the Bible is not just an object that we study. It is the living Word of God that the Holy Spirit uses to lead us, convict us, teach us – We believe that the Word is God speaking to us.
  2. For Faithlift, the goal of Bible study is not simply a deeper understanding of information, but a transformation of our lives, our will, and character. Understanding the Bible is demonstrated by the fact that we live differently than we used to live before we found Christ.
  3. For Faithlift, the Word can be studied and known by every believer in order to bear fruit. We believe in the priesthood of believers as stated from Paul’s writings. Every believer has direct access to God, we do not rely on a mediator to tell us what the Word of God says, we can read it ourselves and God can speak to us as individual believers.
  4. For Faithlift, we believe that the truth we teach must bear witness with our brothers and sisters in the Lord. The Word and the gifts are given to all of us – no one person has the corner on all truth.
  5. For Faithlift, Divine healing, Divine health and Divine life is the believer’s inheritance. We believe that the ‘Zoe- God Kind of life’ is available to all believers who will appropriate it by faith.