The D's of relationships

In life, you will meet all kinds of people! So many will cross your path as you course through the journey called life. There are some people who will be pillars in your life and others who will be a bone of contention. In my journey, I have met thousands upon thousands of people as I travelled the world preaching the Gospel. I have met many who are ministers, many believers, many business men, many 'normal' people and many sinners. I cannot say that I have a relationship with all of them but I can tell you that I have learnt a lot from meeting all of these people. There are people in my life that have been there for over twenty years and I have a lot of time for them. There are others that I do not have time for them and will not make time for them. There are those who have died and I wished they were still alive because of the friendship, loyalty and impact they had upon my life. There are some that have crossed my path that I enjoy my relationships with them to this day and others who have crossed my path that it would not bother me if I don't ever see them again. That does not mean that I do not love them, it simply means I do not like what they have done. That does not mean that I do not love them, it simply means I do not like what they have done. It means, 'I forgave you, have no animosity towards you, will greet you when I see you but I will not put myself again in a place where you deliberately broke the trust.' There are some that I have crossed their paths - some love me - some hate me and there is nothing I can do about it to change it. It's part of life, so we move on. Here are the d's that I have discovered in some relationships and the realities will ring true for you too.

D1-  relationship that will deliver you. It took a Moses to bring deliverance to Israel, a David to kill Goliath and a Barnabas to extend fellowship to Paul.

D2- relationship that will drain you. It took a Delilah to drain Samson and a Jezebel to drain Elijah

D3- relationship that will destroy you. Saul was bent on killing David and Delilah paved the way for the destruction of Samson

D4- relationship that will decode your gift. Timothy and Titus came to prominence in their giftings through their association with Paul.

D5- relationship that will delight you. David and Jonathan's heart were knitted. Ruth was close to Naomi

D6- relationship that will deploy you. Four hundred distressed, discontented and in debt men were turned to David's mighty men.

D7- relationship that will dominate you. Jezebel dominated Ahab. The ten negative spies dominated Israel.

D8- relationship that will disillusion you. John Mark with the Apostle Paul. 

D9- relationship that will desert you. Demas with Paul. Barnabas and Paul. John Mark with Paul

D10- relationship that will detest you. The religious crowd with Jesus.