Connect To Church

Get involved to evolve

One of the surest way to grow in your faith is to actively practice and work it out. The best way to evolve as a believer is to engage yourself in the activities of the church. Just to attend on Sundays is to treat a church like a social club or a bingo hall and you will not get the best out of it. Church is a safe community where you can exercise your gifts and hone your talents. It is a place where you can serve God with your gifts. Remember that your talent is God's gift to you but what you do with that talent is your gift back to God. Your gifts, talents, skills and time are ways where you can serve God in Faithlift Church. So how can you get involved? While we have policies that are in place yet we are open for people to come forth with their gifts. There are departments that presently need people's gifts and time and there are departments that we do not have yet that you can assist us with. 

One thing you must realize is that you cannot attend a church and just sit there Sundays after Sundays. It is imperative for you to get involved. Believers today seem to be allergic to the things of God and just want to be blessed. Here are some thought provoking words for you.

  • It is impossible for a man to highly esteem God and for God to lightly esteem him
  • If the things that bother God do not bother you then don't be surprized when the things that bother you do not bother God.
  • Draw near to God and he will draw near to you
  • If you put God first then he will put you first

Serve God Today

Get involved today - choose a department

  1. Ushering and welcoming people
  2. Hospitality
  3. Praise & Worship
  4. Children's Sunday School
  5. Baby
  6. Men's fellowship
  7. Cell Group
  8. Church Cleaning
  9. Evangelism
  10. Filming